Alberta Trophy Hunts 2003
Alberta Trophy Hunts 2004
Alberta Trophy Hunts 2004
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Terry Kars with 181 B&C Whitetail
Terry Kars MI
181 B&C Whitetail
Jeff Foiles with bag of Spec's
Mixed bag with Spec's
Eric Liebert with 51" Canadian Moose
Eric Liebert NY
51" Canada Moose

Mike Dottavo with 184-4 B&C Whitetail
Mike Dottavo NJ
184-4 B&C Whitetail
Bob Spooner with 160 Whitetail
Bob Spooner MT
160 Whitetail
Scott Durand with 42 1/2" Canada Moose
Scott Durand NJ
42 1/2" Canada Moose
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Alberta Trophy Hunts

Alberta Trophy Hunts
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