Wing Shooting

Wingshooting at Alberta Trophy Hunts is as good as it gets.

Early Season Goose Hunting

Our lodge is situated well, right in the homeland of the Greater Canada goose. 90% of the Canadas we take are greaters. Our areas are also in the flyway of the Specks, Snows and the Ross's goose.

Mallard Shooting

Goose hunting here is as good as it ever has been. The population is at a peak and daily we are on the birds. At Alberta Trophy Hunts, we use a combination of spotters and guides, daily we cover huge areas and consistently produce quality shooting. Most mornings start off with a field goose shoot. After that, we pack up and head to camp for lunch and a break. Later in the afternoon we leave camp to do a duck shoot. These shoots can be field shoots or hunts over ponds or creeks. Sometimes we hunt marshes utilizing our Go Devil equipped Jonboats. We go where the ducks are-and we are equipped to do so.

Later Season Mallards

Another shoot some are interested in is the October diver shoot. These birds start arriving here in numbers by the 1st and by the 15th we are loaded up with them. The birds have good color by then, making great candidates for mounts. Most species are here, including canvasback and redhead. Hunters are welcome to do this hunt for a change of pace.

Duck hunting here has been very, very good for the past few seasons and for the last two has been incredible! With the wet spring, this upcoming season will be the same.

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