WE HAVE MOOSE, and plenty of them. The allocation system along with a lack of predation, sees the population grow annually. Wolves are few in our area as opposed to some of the boreal forest zones. We have a very low black bear population and as a result the moose calf survival rate is very high. Wolves are not protected in Alberta, and moose hunters are encouraged to buy a wolf licence.

Moose archery hunts are in late September and early October, which is full rut timing here. Opportunity rates are about 90%. Shots are at 10 to 40 yards. Bulls are called in and the hunt is up close and personal!

Rifle moose hunts are during the month of November, and are very successful also. The rifle hunt is a 4 x 4, spot and stalk hunt, as opposed to the archery call hunts. Quads will get your moose out of the woods and back to camp!