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A. Yurick - New Jersey
184 Boone & Crockett Gross

At Alberta Trophy Hunts our goal is to take mature trophy Whitetail bucks that will score at least 150 to 160 B&C and we consistently do.

Our best buck of the 2006 season went 192 gross. We access huge areas of land and they all hold deer of book size. We hunt using blinds and shooting houses. Some stands are fixed while others are mobile and we move them as cropping and deer movements dictate.

Our guides know the deer, and where they feed and where they bed. Blinds are places accordingly. Employ proper blind sitting techniques, and you most likely will take your deer home.


Jack Lamb 192 B&C
Jack Lamb 192 B&C

G. Carollo - Michigan 203 Boone & Crocket Gross 5X6
G. Carollo - Michigan
203 Boone & Crocket Gross 5X6

Mule Deer, while not as abundant as the whitetail in our areas, still do very well here, and we do harvest some exceptional trophy bucks.

Our guides look for bucks scoring 180 B&C or better. We limit ourselves on average to only a couple of Muley hunters per season, and thus we do very well success wise on the big deer. The hunt is a spot and stalk hunt.

As our areas are very big we utilize 4 x 4's to get from ranch to ranch and spot the deer herds. Once a suitable buck is found most likely it will be stalked. These hunts are usually sold out 2 years in advance, and an early booking is advisable.

Vernon Warker with 201 Mule Deer
Vernon Warker with 201 Mule Deer

M. D'ottavio NJ 176 MD
Moose Hunting

Moose seem to be everywhere in some of our areas. The moose hunt for residents is a lottery system, and although our outfitter tags are guaranteed, they are very limited in numbers. That, coupled with the fact that these farm/farm fringe areas do not have big numbers of black bear and wolf, means little or no predation of the moose calves, and consequently our moose population has exploded.

Success rates on taking a bull moose run pretty much a 100%. Pricing on these moose hunts makes it one of the best hunt values anywhere!

Eric Liebert with 51" Canadian Moose
Eric Liebert NY
51" Canada Moose
Stan Reiser with Trophy 53`Moose
Stan Reiser with Trophy 53`Moose
Tom McIntyne with 48`Bull Moose
Tom McIntyne with 48`Bull Moose

Alberta Trophy Hunts specializing in whitetail deer hunts

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